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Kids are valuable to most of the parents. They are like pearl that need to be shining up to become more beautiful in every parts. Based on that, Tadika i-Kids is encouraged to participate and work together with the Muslim parents in shining up the bright of your little ones by giving Islamic education based on Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. We use practical method such as Montessori on to deliver the right information to the students in their learning environment. Besides, we also emphasizing the balance of personality, academic, mental, physical, social and emotion development in order to produce a good muslim/muslimah.

Tadika i-Kids is registered under the name of Tadika Cilik Cemerlang with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) is an Islamic Kindergarten in Taman Sri Gombak. We use English as our medium of communication among the students and the teachers. Teaching and learning activites are all conducted in English and Malay (for Bahasa Malaysia & Pendidikan Islam subjects only).




Our Vision:

Integrated Islamic Pre-Education Center of Choice

Tadika i-Kids as institutional options for pre-school education to inculcate a sense of love for Islam, practice and share knowledge in students.

Our Mission:

  • Islamic Values at the core of Education
  • English language is the ‘Lingua-Franca’ of the institution
  • Integrated education for effective learning experience


Services that we provide to the parents and children are Pre-school education, daycare after school and karate-do class (NEW !!!). We apply i-Kids Integration Module in every parts of the learning and teaching activities at Tadika i-Kids.

Five major elements that are outlined in the i-Kids Integration Module which are listed below:



Child education policy in Islam (Tarbiyatul Aulad) is the most basic framework. 



Each element in the education i-Kids module would relate to the universal values of Islam.



Application of the concept of knowledge-based implementation



Nourishment of creative thinking and imaginative



Strengthening basic principles of Islam and the requirements of implementing the Islamic rules continuously at all time.  


Moreover, to achieve the objective of teaching and learning environment, the implementation of I-Kids Integration Module will use the technique of input-output learning ‘. Interactive approach between educators and students will be implemented through a process of teaching and learning using creative multimedia.